iXm Premium Head (Beyer Dynamic)

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Yellowtec iXm YT5021 Head cardioid electret PREMIUM Head

Choose any of the six available interchangeable iXm Mic Heads to change your iXm Recording Mic’s pickup pattern. Quickly adapt to specific recording conditions and change the mic head within seconds by twisting off your current head and replacing it with another one. There is no common proximity effect of directed microphones due to their high-pass-filter. With any iXm Mic Head, your iXm’s LEA Level Energy Arbitration achieves a perfect balance of frequency ranges and delivers perfect levels.

OPTION: Mic Head (PRO Line/PREMIUM Line)

PREMIUM Line: Each electret iXm PREMIUM Head by beyerdynamic is created to capture smallest sound pressure levels. Its recording pattern is more sensitive in higher frequency ranges which results in a higher resolved pattern in the end zone.

PRO Line: Each dynamic iXm PRO Head by Yellowtec is characterized by its sound converter components’ ruggedness, especially at high sound pressure levels. Its recording pattern is less sensitive in higher frequency ranges. The head’s sluggish membrane leads to different sounding recording results.

OPTION: Recording Pattern (omni/cardioid/supercardioid)

An omni-directional pattern captures some ambient sound and suits best for quiet surroundings, e.g. for talks in conference rooms or voice recordings in your office.

Choose a cardioid to get the all-purpose answer for interviews in various surroundings like events and outdoor locations with a lot of traffic noise.

Pick a supercardioid pattern for interviews in extremely loud surroundings like major events, e.g. sporting events, motor sport races or concerts.