8 Channel Dolby E, Dolby Digital & PCM Audio Monitor

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The MON-1/M 8 Channel Dolby E, Dolby Digital & PCM Audio Monitor from Wohler is a powered eight channel audio monitor designed specifically for decoding, processing, and monitoring Dolby E, Dolby Digital, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and AES/EBU audio signals. The unit occupies 2U of rack space.

Eight, high-resolution LED bar graphs offer superior visibility and accuracy of audio levels. Fifty three bicolor segments simultaneously display signal levels according to PPM and VU standards. The front panel LCD display provides Mode and Audio Select information at a glance.

The speakers and amplifiers are arranged in the popular Wohler bi-amp summed bass stereo configuration: bass frequencies from all selected channels are summed into a 20W amplifier, which drives the woofer. The two side-channel amplifiers and speakers reproduce in stereo only mid and high frequencies. Please note that the middle speaker, the woofer, is not a dedicated center or LFE speaker. The unit also features a headphone output, which mutes the speakers while in use.

Deembeds AES audio, Dolby E, and Dolby Digital from an HD-SDI or SD-SDI input
Includes an internal Dolby E & Dolby Digital decoder
Select from 2 Dolby E, Dolby Digital, or PCM inputs
Meters and status display are standard features
Monitor up to 8 channels of audio
Eight high-resolution 53 segment level meters show simultaneous VU & PPM
LCD displays system status information
Displays Dolby E & Dolby Digital bit stream metadata information
Premium quality drivers and power amplifiers
Excellent frequency response and low distortion
Powerful 104dB SPL at 2′ (0.6m)
Focused sound reduces adjacent bay crosstalk
Audible indication of phase/polarity problems
Output limiter protected speakers
Thorough magnetic shielding for placement next to video monitors