USB-DI-box for first-rate audio playback

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Sonible ml:1 stereo USB DI Box

Superior playback quality.
Right out of the box.

Driverless thanks to USB Audio Class 1 Standard
Brilliant USB audio playback via notebook computer and other mobile devices
Compatible with all notebooks and most smartphones and tablets, the audio-interface simplifies the playback of audio material by conforming to the USB Audio Class standard. As soon as a device is connected via USB, it is ready to play back – with no need to install additional drivers. The quality of the audio signal is significantly higher and substantially more robust than that provided by headphone jacks.
The seamless plug & play feature proves especially useful in the day-to-day work of professional live engineering, when flawless video or audio must be provided during events like seminars, lectures, or live shows. A great plus: the Neutrik USB connection can be locked to reliably withstand sudden jerky movements.

professional DI-box
Passive stereo-DI-box guarantees hum-free signals
Equipped with two 6.3mm jack plugs, the ml:1 can also be used as a passive DI-Box that offers clean, symmetrical signal routing. Low-distortion signal transformers ensure galvanic separation and a signal that is 100% free of interference. In addition, a ground lift switch remedies problematic ground loops.

Line check with multi tone
Test tone generator for “pre-soundchecks”
For savvy live technicians, the integrated test tone generator provides an additional handy feature. Thanks to a lithium battery, it operates self-sufficiently, and above all independently of phantom power or any other external power sources. This avoids many a hassle and saves time and nerves.
A multi-tone (a complex wave form) makes it possible to test whether all channels are playing correctly and whether the cabling works. It also lets you check whether there are any sources of disturbance in the system – all without the need for an external device, and absolutely perfect for the quick line check before the artist is present.

Specifications Technical Details

General information
Size183 x 93 x 40 mm
Weight~1000 g
Power Supply≤ 40 mA USB bus powered
(only needed for USB audio)
Connectors1x USB (lockable Neutrik receptacle)
2x Jack (analog in)
2x XLR analog out
1x XLR AES/EBU (digital out, S/PDIF compatible)
Output level0 dBFS equals +3dBu
Ground liftyes
Pad0 dB/ – 18 dB
Sample rate44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Sample word length16 bit
SNR96 dB
Test Tone Generator
Waveformharmonic multitone
Amplitude-10 dBu (@ 200kΩ)