Mono Shotgun Microphone

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Compact shotgun mic with exceptionally long reach and rich natural tone

Standard length short shotgun with greater directivity and extended reach via the unique audio tube length and proprietary rectangular diaphragm design. A rich natural tone is produced throughout the frequency spectrum, emulating the operation of much longer shotgun mics.

An extended length audio tube provides maximum directivity and reach while still preserving Sanken’s renowned rich and natural tone. Since windscreens used in field recording cause loss of high frequencies, the CS-2’s High Boost Switch automatically compensates for this factor.

Lightweight, Functional and Durable on Location

At just 250mm/10” long, the Sanken CS-2 weighs only 110grams/3.8 oz., making it lightweight and ideal for camera-mounted or boom pole operations. An external brass chassis markedly increases durability, while the PPS (Poly-gold Phenylene Sulfide) diaphragm membrane provides optimum resistance to changes caused by adverse temperature and humidity.

A rich, natural sound makes the Sanken CS-2 ideal for a wide range of uses, such as for outdoor location sound, interviews, sports, drama, variety shows, and many more.

  • Clear sound without distortion
  • 120mm/4.75” long audio tube in standard 250mm/10” mic housing
  • Optimum audio capture via Sanken’s original rectangular capsule
  • High Boost Switch compensates for windscreen frequency attenuation
  • Consistent operation in all types of weather
  • Supersharp directivity



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Sanken har ett stort utbud av mikrofoner, allt från headset och myggor till riktmikrofoner för video, filmproduktion, broadcast och live events. De är konstruerade och tillverkade i Japan och innehåller många innovativa funktioner som bl.a. membran som är okänsliga för fukt och temperaturförändringar. Resultatet är ett stall av mikrofoner med fenomenal frekvensåtergivning, exceptionella riktmikrofoner, lågt egenbrus och hög SPL.