Software for BarnOne series, charged per unit.
Includes future updates of firmware.

3.410,00 SEK ex moms

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BarnFind BarnStudio software comes included in the BarnOne frame price. BarnStudio gives you a quick and easy control setting, an overview of the input and output ports, re-clocking configurations, alarms, full matrix control, cable compensation on the input side, auto SFP detection and full diagnostic information.
BarnStudio reads the needed information about every port. In particular, the SFP’s are monitored in a separate list with among others temperature, signal strengths, signal loss, manufacturer, serial number, wavelength, connector type etc. With Barnfind, you are in control of your own solution.
Easy to deal with SNMP/MIB file (IPv4/IPv6). Please ask the Barnfind team if you want to have our SNMP/MIB file in order to do your own software. This is of course free of charge!
Barnfind offers an easily accessible Web interface.
In addition, we have integrated to many other 3rd party control systems like:
•openGear / DashBoard / ROSS •Skyline (Dataminer) •BFE, Commander and control panels •LAWO, VSM and control panels •Probel / Snell protocol, SW-P-08 •TSL •Crestron •Rascular •BlackMagic •Axon Cerebrum •DNF Control •HiTech Systems.



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Med huvudkontor i Sandefjord, Norge, tillverkar Barnfind en multifunktionell signaltransportplattform som stöder många signaler i en frame. Utöver Barnfinds kraftfulla kapacitet, sparar vår unika metod också kunderna värdefulla rackutrymme, strömförbrukning och därmed pengar. Barnfind kommer snart att bli känt som det grönaste företaget inom videobranschen